Swimming coach Malaysia accused of rape athletes

Sports in Malaysia has just received a shock when authorities officially announced the case of a famous coach of this country’s swimming team and were indicted for raping a talented female athlete who is being evaluated as a hope in the 2020 Olympics.

According to AFP, coach Huang Qiang (35) was accused of raping a 20-year-old athlete of diving (anonymity for legal reasons) of the Malaysian swimming team at a gym in the Bukit Sports Complex. Jalil in Kuala Lumpur on the afternoon of September 26. Cheow Wee, the victim’s lawyer, said Huang did not deny the charges when summoned to a court in Kuala Lumpur on 11 October. Coach Huang, who was born in China but has Malaysian nationality and now has a wife and two children, will face up to 30 years in prison if convicted. This is the first sex scandal in Malaysian sports in more than 2 decades.

“She was injured but now has to deal with the public. The organizations and associations involved are doing their utmost support for her and her family”, Cheow said of the raped female athlete. Traditional media in Malaysia also said the incident occurred when the above-mentioned female athlete was in the process of training and training with the national swimming team in order to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo (Japan).

The above information attracted interest in the Malaysian sports village by coach Huang, who was quite famous in his career before coaching. Huang competed for the Chinese swimming team and won the gold medal at the 1998 Asian Games at the age of 16. This coach then won the gold medals for the men’s 10m doubles at FINA Diving World Cup 2000 and World Cup Living 2000 in Sydney (Australia). In 2011, Huang was granted Malaysian nationality and qualified to represent this country to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games. According to AFP, Huang coach is now released on bail after a guarantee of 50,000 ringgit (about 11,800) and forced must return the passport to prevent escape from escaping. The next hearing for Coach Huang is scheduled for 6.11.

Jumping is considered one of the strongest sports in Malaysia. Most recently, Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong won the silver medal in the women’s 10m doubles event at the 2016 Olympic Games. Malaysia also recently won 13 sports gold medals mentioned above at the 29th SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur.

Practice breathing properly underwater

As for swimming, it is important to learn how to breathe underwater because it directly determines whether you can learn to swim or not. Some of you for a personal reason, such as fear of water, fear of choking water, fear of drowning, you cannot practice swimming.

Swimming is completely instinct for survival and of course, we can breathe in the water although it will be different from breathing on land many times. The following article will send to you some knowledge to practice breathing properly underwater.

1. Practice breathing on land

Breathing is an activity that proves the existence of life, so this is an activity everyone does every day. Normal daily breathing is simply breathing in through the nose and exhaling with both the nose and mouth. However, when practicing breathing techniques in swimming, it is completely opposite to normal breathing. You will have to breathe in through your mouth and exhale through your nose. You just need to open your mouth to take a breath, then exhale through your nose and then continue to open your mouth to breathe, you stand on the shore to practice many times to get used to it before you enter the water.

2. Practice breathing underwater

Once you get used to the breathing technique practiced on the ground, warm up your body and then go into the water to learn the technique of holding your breath underwater. It can be said that hold your breath for as long as possible and you will swim further away. But breathing has to be steady to swim and last long. Because there is always a difference in pressure in the water, you do not need to open your mouth very big, tight belly to breathe. Simply after each breath, you open your mouth big, the breath will be taken in itself, after taking in the water you breathe out the air with your nose, continue to rise up to the surface of the water to take the breath into your mouth. If you do so, and your breathing is steady, you will never choke and swim farther.

Breathing technique in frog and butterfly swimming

The breathing techniques of these two types of swimming are the same, both of which raise their heads for breath through their mouth, then dip into the water and exhale through their nose. However, in butterfly swimming, every two beats of foot pedal + 1 hand beat will make one breath, therefore, the amount of air being inhaled is more.

Breathing technique in stride swimming

You pay attention to take a deep breath from the first beat because the swimming stride is very effort. The technique of breathing in stray swimming differs from that of frogs and butterflies, when you take a breath in striding, you will turn your head to the side to take a breath. You will have difficulty tilting your head to the non-dominant side because it is the non-dominant side so you can easily choke water.

Breathing technique in backstroke swimming

In swimming on the back, your face is always on the water, usually every one swimming cycle, you inhale 1 time and exhale once. The breathing in and out must be regular with the movements of the arms and legs, do not be in a hurry so the breath will be more rhythmic, you will swim farther.

How is water sports good for your health?

Besides exercise activities such as walking, cycling, water sports also bring a lot of outstanding health benefits for all ages and bring miraculous effects a few unexpected.

Helps to lose weight

The first and most important motivation for anyone involved in this type of exercise is to lose weight. Water exercise can help you lose weight faster than exercise on the ground. Because the whole body underwater is exercised even if you target a specific body area. Ideally, exercise 30-60 minutes underwater.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases

This is very beneficial for the metabolism and makes the body have a healthy appetite. In addition, it helps to strengthen the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of a variety of chronic dangerous diseases such as impaired immune system function.

Help strengthen bones

Movement such as sailing or other water sports (swimming, water polo, diving …) can improve women’s bone density after menopause. Therefore, they can avoid osteoporosis in old age.

Improve flexibility and portability

Water exercise is beneficial in improving the flexibility of the back and body. Flexibility is an important factor in physical activity because poor flexibility can limit the range of motion and mobility, reducing balance and coordination in motion.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases

When you participate in water sports activities, you are already active all the muscles in your body. It will increase your metabolism and give you an appetite. When your metabolism increases with cravings, you will eat more. At the same time, this helps your body’s energy to increase, increasing the immunity that helps protect you from chronic diseases.

Reduce stress

Water is very relaxing and soothing to the mind and helps calm your spirits. It stimulates the endorphins – the happy hormone that elevates your mood.

Improve general health

Low-impact exercises help improve general health. The floating force of water does not put too much pressure on the body or joints but keeps them safe. You may also feel not tired after practicing underwater. Regular swimming is very effective to reduce joint pain as well as to strengthen bones.

7 water sports you have to try when traveling

In recent years, the tourism industry in the world is developing very strongly. Consequently, the development of services attached to the tourism industry.

Let’s take a look at the most popular water sport services available today.

1. Swimming

First of all, swimming is the most popular water sport. With advantages easy to play, simple, inexpensive investment. Moreover, swimming is now a compulsory sport for students in schools so it is easy to understand that this will be the most popular water sport in the long run.

2. Kayaking

The 2nd place is kayaking. Introduced in the 1990s and has rapidly grown throughout the country. Due to the small investment, easy to play, light and interesting. Moreover, guests can get acquainted quickly. This sport is invested by most resorts and tourism nationwide to serve tourists. Most kayaks are imported from abroad with very high quality, so visitors are assured of the experience. Service prices are relatively cheap and suitable for most travelers.

3. Jetski water motor

The third is water motorsport. An extreme sport with high-powered motor mounting devices. Very popular at resorts and tourism nationwide. Rents are relatively high compared to average income. However, it will bring a really exciting and memorable feeling to visitors.

4. Cano pull parachute

This is an adventure sport. Players are pulled to the sky with high-powered parachutes and canoes. The feeling of excitement and fear is very interesting. Service prices are quite high but a really attractive sport for summer. This will also be a very memorable experience.

5. Paddleboarding SUP

This is a brand new sport today in the world. However, with the advantages of easy to play, easy to transport and fun, this sport is becoming popular quickly. SUP is an abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle. This sport has 2 types: inflatable and composite plastic. It can be used to play in all waters from static to dynamic. Especially can practice Yoga on the plank. This is the most attractive water sport in the world today. Service prices are equivalent to kayaking.

6. Snorkelling

Players only dive at depth very small enough to see the underwater scene without too much breathing technique. This sport is quite popular in the central waters with beautiful coral reefs. The service price is quite cheap. Players need to wear life jackets if not confident about the technique. Can use fake clones to dive better and farther if the player is skilled enough to use.

7. Flyboard

This is a very new, very interesting and very difficult adventure sport. Players need to practice balancing on the board which is pushed up by water pressure from the jet ski engine. This usually takes hours. After mastering the player can fly in the air like Ironman. You can even do acrobatics and perform very interesting moves that no other water sport has.

Why do people love Rowing so much?

Exercising daily not only helps you feel healthier but it also has many interesting subjects. One of the new and exciting sports is Rowing.

Are you curious about Rowing, what Rowing is and what interesting things to practice in this subject. Join us with these questions today.

What is rowing?

Surely many people don’t know Rowing is the name of rowing. This is a class that requires extreme training and participating athletes must train in inclement weather.

Rowing athletes use muscles almost the whole body when sailing. Most commonly used are the hands, feet and back muscles with a combination of limbs and must perform a lot. So this is the sport that requires the most physical strength in the sport. Rowing is one of the water sports. And this sport is practiced in groups so it develops team communication skills.

The fast, strong and firm movement of the paddle will send the boat gliding in the opposite direction to the water. Because it is a sport where the water environment greatly affects the speed of the boat, instead of using the speed, people take the race time to review achievements and set a record.

What is the reason people like Rowing?

Surely many people do not know the reason why so many people love Rowing. Coming to Rowing, anyone can play this sport. It does not distinguish only rich people can play. A special feature is the team sport, it shows the team spirit of the player. Therefore, it should attract many teams to play.

Moreover, Rowing sport does not need to invest in yard or elaborate competition outfit. It only needs 2 elements: boat and water. Playing this sport you learn sailing techniques and it me up for you a toned body. What is more interesting when floating on the water is good for health. All of these factors are the answer to why people love the sport so much.

Rowing is currently a developed and quite popular sport. This is an interesting sport and brings many benefits for practitioners.

The world’s first 360-degree infinity pool in London

For those who love swimming, this will be a great pool at the top of a London building with a 360-degree view across the romantic city of London.

Designed on a 200m high skyscraper called Infinity London, the 600,000-liter water pool will be called Compass Pools. The designers claim this idea is unique in the world with a 360-degree transparent swimming pool.

It is known that the pool and the building were designed by a West Sussex-based company called Compass Pools. The company says instead of glass, they will use acrylic because the material can transmit light similar to water so the pool will be completely transparent. So people below can see swimmers above.

To be able to keep the uniqueness, there will be no stairs outside the pool or the building. Instead, a rotating spiral staircase will take people in or out of the pool.

The architects also said the pool would sparkle like jewels at night when the building is decorated with different types of light bulbs.

The architect said that the hardest thing was how people move from the building to the pool. The only solution is based on the spiral staircase of a submarine. This ladder will go up from the bottom of the pool when someone needs to enter or exit – this will be a very special highlight of this pool, a very James Bond style“.

The pool will also be equipped with a suitable anemometer to measure wind speed and link to the building management system. From there, a computer will automatically adjust the temperature of the water in the tank and prevent water from overflowing below. Pool water will be heated by using excess energy from the building’s air conditioning system.

The design team also has the ambition to build a 5-star hotel just below this pool. If the contractors and their partners approve the drawings and plans, construction will begin in 2020.

How is water sports good for health?

Studies have shown that water sports have many health benefits.

Helps to lose weight

The first and most important motivation for anyone involved in this type of exercise is to lose weight. Water exercise can help you lose weight faster than exercise on the ground. Because the whole body under water is exercised even if you target a specific body area.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases

If you play water sports, all of your body muscles work simultaneously. This is very beneficial for the metabolism and makes the body have a healthy appetite. In addition, it helps to strengthen the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of a variety of chronic dangerous diseases such as impaired immune system function.

Increase muscle strength

As mentioned earlier, when you exercise underwater, your body will be in balance and your muscles will be most active. That’s why all world-class swimmers have lots of biceps and calves. Active technology against water helps to grow and strengthen muscles.

Help strengthen bones

Instead of exercising in the gym or with a treadmill, play water sports. Movement like sailing or other water sports (swimming, water polo, diving …) can improve women’s bone density after menopause. Therefore, they can avoid osteoporosis in old age.

Healthy nervous system

When you get into the water, cold water can really soothe your body so it becomes more relaxing and comfortable. Therefore, it is an exercise that can help you improve your morale and avoid conditions such as migraine headaches, tension headaches, chronic headaches.

Water sports can bring many health benefits. But still be very careful, pay attention safety when you are in the country. Experts also assert that for all ages, the benefits of water sports are enormous. Therefore, parents often let their children begin to get used to the water from a very young age. Swimming is very good for the comprehensive development from the child’s mind to the physical.

Building endurance

Lastly, water exercise helps build endurance and strengthen muscles. Water resistance is a natural way to build strength and strengthen muscles.