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Swim Products: For Colin Bull Customers ONLY
To order any of the items below just ask your swim teacher at your next lesson - or phone 01372 739600.
Your items will be brought to your next lesson for collection. Payment by cheques or cash on delivery.

Woggles: Long tube float used for children and adults

£7.50 each. Available in yellow blue red or green.

Body Belt:
Blocks of floats attached to a belt fixed around the waist blocks can be removed as they progress enables swimmer to use arms and legs freely.

Blue Feet:
Cover to go over shoes to prevent outdoor dirt coming on to the side of the pool.

75p a Pair

Award Files:
Waterproof folder to store certificates and badges

£10.50 Limited stock available

Arm Bands:
To support upper body. Children's sizes 2-12 years. £6.50 per disc
Adult sizes also available.

Kick Float:

£4.50 each

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