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Basic things you need to know now about surfing sport

Surfboard pool, the latest beautiful surfboard models with high wits, suitable for the high-class entertainment scene of swimmers or surfers.

With the advantages of light weight, absolute balance on the water helps players perform surfboard control to their liking. At the same time gives the player a strange feeling when standing on the water.

Surfing sport for those who like thrills

Surfing first appeared more than three thousand years ago in the Western Polynesian Islands. It was considered an innovative method of manufacturing labor for indigenous people.

As a year-round fisherman with stormy waves and seawater and fishing, they have created a surfboard. Surfboard was made of wood for fishing near the coast. This innovation has led to a higher production of fish. It lead to a better life for the people.

It is not known when surfing began to evolve from a productive labor to recreational sport. Later surfing was spread all over Europe and loved by the fun it brought to players.

Especially in the Hawaiian Islands, the surfing sport has become a unique and traditional culture of the residents here. The surfboard making technique is therefore highly appreciated here by the quality of wood , excellent design.


Each surfboard before being formed has undergone many rituals with prayers. This is also the spiritual and traditional culture of the ancient tribes.

Now surfing is not only a sport dedicated to young people in Europe. It also popularized, loved and passionate by many people.

Surfing is the sport for those who like thrills. It uses many personal techniques to control surfboards on the tops of the waves. Players will have to swim on their own, climbing by hand away. When encountering a big enough wave, they will stand on the surfboard. Then, unleash creativity, use their skills to conquer the waves.

However, this form of surfing is usually only for professional athletes because it requires high technology, high difficulty and personal qualities for each person. However, in order to bring to the lovers of this sport, surfing develops many forms such as paddle surfing, canoe or windsurfing, etc.