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Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian had to undergo testicular cancer

Nathan Adrian has shared on his personal page the image of him in the hospital with a notice of treatment for testicular cancer.

Nathan Adrian is one of the rich athletes of the US swimming team. He owned 5 gold medals in 3 Olympics from 2008 to 2016.

Recently, Nathan Adrian shared on his personal page the image of him in the hospital with a notice of treatment for testicular cancer.

In Rio 2016, Nathan Adrian once won a gold medal in relaying swimming with teammates including legendary Michael Phelps. 4 years earlier, this guy won 2 gold medals in London 2012, including a single gold medal in the 100m freestyle content. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nathan Adrian had his first gold medal in the 4x100m freestyle.

“Recently, I went to see a doctor because I felt my health was not good. After being tested and examined by experts, I was told I had testicular cancer. On a positive note, we discovered this early. I am starting my treatment and everything seems to be going well. I will return to the green track in a few weeks with the goal of heading to Tokyo 2020”, Nathan Andrian said.

Testicular cancer is a rare disease, accounting for about 1% of cancers in men. However, this is cancer with the highest incidence in men aged 25-35. The main cause of testicular cancer is hidden testicles. 80-85% of people with hidden testes develop testicular cancer and 15% -20% occur in opposite testes. Other factors that cause disease are a history of mumps, testicular hydroceles, inguinal hernia…

Nathan Adrian currently holds the US 50m freestyle swimming record with a record of 21 seconds 37 in the 2015 World Championship in Kazan (Russia).

6 possible warning signs for testicular cancer:

1. A pea-like small nodule

2. Feeling heavy on one scrotum side

3. A sharp pain in the testicles or scrotum

4. Change the shape or texture

5. Back pain, lower abdomen, neck.

6. Cough, shortness of breath for unknown reasons

Horton has no regrets about boycotting the Chinese super fish Sun Yang

Australian swimming star Mack Horton said he would still boycott Sun Yang and accuse Chinese fishermen of using doping, even after learning that the young national team teammate Shayna Jack had failed to pass the inspection of banned substances.

According to AFP, after appearing to mixed opinions about the Chinese fisherman breaking a doping blood sample vial, Horton humiliated Sun Yang for not agreeing to take a picture together on the medal platform and from refuses to shake hands at the 2019 World Swimming Championships.

The position of the athlete who won the Olympic gold medal at 400m freestyle is supported by many spectators present at the tournament. However, Horton’s actions also angered the Chinese. The anger was even more explosive when it revealed that Australian female athlete Shayna Jack did not pass the test before entering the tournament.

Jack had returned home before the start of this year’s World Swimming Tournament, and Horton only knew of a positive testimony of the female team member after he had boycotted Sun Yang. However, Horton emphasized that Jack’s story did not affect his position on Sun Yang.

AFP quotes Horton as saying: “The difference is that as soon as she (Shayna Jack) received a positive test result, she returned to Australia and did not compete in the Swimming Championships. That gave me confidence in the Australian system. We do not let the athletes of our country get out of that, so we can ask more questions, doubts and ask more from the rest of the world”.

Sun Yang – once banned for three months for using banned substances in 2014, has been vilified, defamatory in South Korea after reports of Chinese super fishermen using a hammer to smash jars containing blood samples of The doping committee in the World Swimming Federation (FINA) was exposed. Sun Yang (who won the Olympic gold medal three times and 11 times world champion) has denied any wrongdoing.

Before the tournament in Korea, FINA declared that Sun Yang did not violate the law, so he was able to attend the tournament after breaking the jar containing the sample. However, the World Doping Prevention (WADA) has filed an application with the International Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS) to appeal the decision.

Horton has started a verbal war with Sun Yang since the 2016 Olympics, when he called his Chinese rival “doping fraud”. The Australian athlete revealed that he thought of protest days before the final swim of the 400m freestyle he came second after Sun Yang. However, the decision was made in the last minutes.

Horton recalls: “I wavered. I do not feel sure. I’m stress. It was annoying that no one really knew what to do, and then suddenly the audience became aware of what was going on and started clapping, I guess. It touched me and I seemed to think, “Ok, this is the right thing to do.” Later, when I walked into the dining hall, the US team started clapping, then all the rest of the lobby started cheering as I entered”.

Highway suspected swimmer Michael Phelps using doping

In fact, the use of doping swimmers is not nonexistent and the controversy surrounding this issue has consumed a lot of ink from the press.

Michael Phelps – the most famous swimmer in the world, has also been caught up in the scandal of marijuana use that ruined his once-famous reputation on the green track. Is this true? Join us to find out!

Michael Phelps is known as the outstanding swimming athlete of American descent with desirable achievements. He is the person who holds the most medals in the individual events in the Olympic Games. At the 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics, he won over 20 gold and many silver and bronze medals. In total, in the swimming career, athlete Michael Phelps has 66 gold medals of all kinds. After a long dedication to world sport, this professional swimmer announced his retirement from the 2016 Olympics.

The whole world was surprised by the half-believing news about the controversy surrounding the case Michael Phelps using doping. So what is the truth?

After the outstanding victories, Michael Phelps also once disappointed fans. That’s when fans saw pictures posted in the “News of the World” about this swimmer drunken smoking marijuana, drunk driving and speeding behavior.

In order to corroborate the incident, Michael Phelps admitted that he had committed such unfortunate and critical actions. He felt really guilty about acting like a thoughtless child, disappointing fans, fans at home and abroad. After the bad things he created himself, Michael Phelps promised his fans and fans that nothing would happen.

Regarding Michael Phelps’ disclosure of evidence of banned substances and violations of traffic safety, there have been many opinions about this. There is no one in life perfect, so it is normal in a life to make mistakes.

And Michael Phelps, after the aura of green racing, he also has a lot of pressure and disorientation in life. Athlete Michael Phelps once said, “This world would be better without me.”

He had such thoughts, indeed the pressures in life were not small. Many also sympathize with his behind-the-scenes life and look at what he has dedicated to the sport of the country and the world.

The US National Olympic Committee also appreciated Michael Phelps’ error-taking behavior and an attitude to correct mistakes of Michael Phelps. The super fisherman has positive thoughts and attitudes, understands himself what he needs to do to deserve what the fans expect.

Overcoming scandal, undergoing psychological treatment, Michael Phelps always tries his best day and night to practice, devoting himself to sports.

American fisherman set up a feat 4 times over the Manche Strait in 54 hours

Sarah Thomas – an American female athlete who had been treated for breast cancer, became the first person to swim the Manche Strait four times without stopping for more than 54 hours.

Sarah Thomas is 37 years old and a long-distance swimmer from Colorado (USA), who completed his feat on September 17 when she finished in Dover, the coastal town of southern England in the presence of a group of supporters.

In a clip posted to Facebook, Sarah Thomas said that she was a bit tired after swimming nearly 130 miles (209km) due to the influence of the tide. According to AFP, before Thomas, only 4 athletes swam completed 3 nonstop swim sessions across the 21-mile strait between England and France.

Speaking to the BBC, Thomas said that she didn’t believe she had done it. She really just got a little numb. A lot of people on the beach came to ask her and wish her well, they are really cute, but she almost felt a little overwhelmed.

Thomas said the biggest difficulty was the saltiness of the seawater because it made her throat and mouth very painful, while being constantly jellyfish touching the face. According to Thomas’s mother, in order to complete such a long swim, every 30 minutes, she drank a mixture of protein, electrolyte and caffeine supplemented by the people on the escort, tied to the supply line.

Long-distance swimmer Lewis Pugh wrote on Twitter praising Thomas’s achievement as extraordinary, wonderful, and sublime. Before departing, Thomas posted on social media: “This swimming challenge is dedicated to all people who have overcome cancer, for those of us who have ever prayed for life, for those who have wondered in despair what something bad is going to happen, and for those who fought to overcome pain and fear”.

Thomas received a diagnosis of breast cancer four months after she completed 104.6 miles of non-stop swimming at Lake Champlain (US-Canada border) in August 2017. Because cancer cells have begun to spread to the lymph nodes under one arm, in the summer of 2018, Thomas had to undergo intensive treatment.

Swimming coach Malaysia accused of rape athletes

Sports in Malaysia has just received a shock when authorities officially announced the case of a famous coach of this country’s swimming team and were indicted for raping a talented female athlete who is being evaluated as a hope in the 2020 Olympics.

According to AFP, coach Huang Qiang (35) was accused of raping a 20-year-old athlete of diving (anonymity for legal reasons) of the Malaysian swimming team at a gym in the Bukit Sports Complex. Jalil in Kuala Lumpur on the afternoon of September 26. Cheow Wee, the victim’s lawyer, said Huang did not deny the charges when summoned to a court in Kuala Lumpur on 11 October. Coach Huang, who was born in China but has Malaysian nationality and now has a wife and two children, will face up to 30 years in prison if convicted. This is the first sex scandal in Malaysian sports in more than 2 decades.

“She was injured but now has to deal with the public. The organizations and associations involved are doing their utmost support for her and her family”, Cheow said of the raped female athlete. Traditional media in Malaysia also said the incident occurred when the above-mentioned female athlete was in the process of training and training with the national swimming team in order to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo (Japan).

The above information attracted interest in the Malaysian sports village by coach Huang, who was quite famous in his career before coaching. Huang competed for the Chinese swimming team and won the gold medal at the 1998 Asian Games at the age of 16. This coach then won the gold medals for the men’s 10m doubles at FINA Diving World Cup 2000 and World Cup Living 2000 in Sydney (Australia). In 2011, Huang was granted Malaysian nationality and qualified to represent this country to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games. According to AFP, Huang coach is now released on bail after a guarantee of 50,000 ringgit (about 11,800) and forced must return the passport to prevent escape from escaping. The next hearing for Coach Huang is scheduled for 6.11.

Jumping is considered one of the strongest sports in Malaysia. Most recently, Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong won the silver medal in the women’s 10m doubles event at the 2016 Olympic Games. Malaysia also recently won 13 sports gold medals mentioned above at the 29th SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur.