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Learn about the FINA – the famous water sports tournament (Part 2)


Diving is a traditional Olympic sport. Contrary to High Jumping which is a bit risky, traditional diving gives a sense of mastery of standard without needing aerial acrobatics. The beauty of science and the art of movement. Watching diving is like watching a science fiction movie.

Water polo

Men’s water polo is popular while we rarely see women’s water polo.

Artistic Swimming

This subject must say is too amazing! The world level is now at a level where athletes perform not only below water, across the water, but also above water. Athletes can “fly” out of the water to acrobatics, Santo in the air.

n particular, since the 16th FINA World Championship 2015 in Kazan, the double dance content allows mixed couples (1 male – 1 female). This is new because everyone thinks that artistic swimming is for female athletes. Watching these mixed dances in artistic swimming is like watching a romantic love movie!


This subject often takes place at sea, in this tournament, there is quite a lot of competition content including 5km, 10km, 25km, and relay 5km for both men and women.

Although the distance is quite long, the level of athletes is “on par” so the finish in the “photo finish” style is very stretch. Watching swimming is like watching Discovery TV about exploring the world around! Many beautiful angles of the scenery and the speed breakout at sea by the athlete.

Swiming is a fairly popular subject for the masses

This is a fairly popular subject for the masses. The beauty of this sport is that people will be excited and thrilled to watch their favorite swimming “idols”. In Swimming, who can catch up with Katie Ledecky in women’s freestyle swimming?

All eyes will be on this Olympic champion as she aims to win four individual gold medals at Gwangju; or in men’s competitions, people will pay attention and have high expectations for Caeleb Dressel (American speed swimmer), Sun Yang (Chinese athlete specializing in speed swimming medium-long swimsuits), Chad le Clos (South African swimmer specializing in butterfly pools) and Adam Peaty (British frog-swimmer).

Watching swimming is like watching a criminal movie, you won’t know the end until the last minute!