Top ideal places for sailing voted by global travelers (Part 2)

There are also plenty of yacht rental companies that do not have a driver for those who know how to drive professionally or who want a more relaxing trip to read and sunbathe on the deck.

There are many beautiful mooring areas here for you to stay on the boat, but when returning to the mainland, stay at a beachfront hotel or resort like D-Resort Gocek to enjoy the private beach, as well as services for Rent a boat and bicycle.

Sneek in Friesland, Netherlands

As the “capital” of Dutch water sports – a country built literally on the water – and the venue for the SneekWeek festival, the largest water festival on land in Europe, Sneek is A beautiful destination for those who love sailing.

Many properties and hotels in the area offer free boat rentals, a great option for the summer when the boat rental market becomes fierce competition. Try Sneek Vakantiehuis Verhuur in the Sneek center, and use their own motorboat to explore the area and visit Sneeker Jachthaven, Sneek’s most popular marina.

Annapolis in Maryland, USA

Nicknamed “America’s sailing capital”, Annapolis’s position on the Atlantic coast made it the center of maritime industries (such as sailing) and today, the This Maryland town is the most popular sailing yacht destination in the United States.

Along the Annapolis Harbor are historic buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries, making it easy to imagine the bustling life on the Dock Street of Maryland people for centuries. Here, you will find plenty of restaurants to enjoy a great meal and watch boats pass by before starting your own journey.

The Gibson’s Lodgings of Annapolis is a 2-minute walk from the harbor and a 5-minute drive to Annapolis Maritime Museum. Besides, Annapolis Harbor has a lot of fashion boutiques and restaurants to visit.

Above are top ideal places for sailing for global travelers. These destinations has been selected based on the endorsed opinion of global travelers for sailing. Hopefully, you will have great trips with these recommendations.

Top ideal places for sailing voted by global travelers (Part 1)

Do you dream of being “lost” in the calm water or exploring tropical wetlands? These are the best destinations for sailing on the opinion of global travelers.

Cowes in Isle of Wight, UK

The establishment of the Royal Yacht Squadron in 1815 turned Cowes, a small seaside village, the number one destination for sailing on the island. For years, Cowes has maintained its unwavering position, with the Cowes Week festival attracting 100,000 visitors every year as the largest sailing race in the world.

Whether you prefer yachts, boating or water sports, there are always plenty of options and family-friendly events from May to August – this is why Cowes is a great place for Both beginners and more experienced sailors. Stay at North House, an old town house built in the 1850s, has been renovated with beautiful design and stunning views of the ocean.

Iława in Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Poland

Iława is a lakeside town with sparkling jewels in the Great Lake Area, Poland. Here you will find white and terracotta multi-storey houses, surrounded by wooden veranda patios and hanging flower baskets, as beautiful as the scene in Hollywood movies.

The sailing season in Poland starts in early May and lasts until the end of September – the time period when you can start a sailing course or sailing training course by any school in the Great Lake. The town of Iława overlooks Lake Jeziorak, Poland’s longest water body and is a popular place for boating and canoeing.

In Poland, you will need a permit to sail (depending on the size of the hull) but you can also rent a yacht with a licensed driver. Go easy on Jeziorak Lake and enjoy a great breakfast to start your day at Hotel Port 110.

Göcek in the Aegean region, Turkey

Göcek has been a busy harbor since the Ottoman period, and today, this small Turkish town has six large and bustling marinas. First-time visitors to this area should charter a manned catamaran to the Twelve Islands to soak up the clear sea, endless horizon and the opportunity to dine in one of the gorgeous olive gardens on the island of Domuz.

Don’t rush to swim until you have read this article!

Going swimming on summer day not only makes adults excited but babies are equally excited.

Swimming brings many health care benefits and cooling the heat, while also preventing many risks such as drowning, asphyxia, etc. If mom prepares your baby to swim or learn to swim, be sure must read this article.

1. What age should the baby go to swim?

For babies in developed countries, many parents have taught babies to swim from birth, especially when they are only 4 to 6 weeks old. Most of them say that babies should practice swimming as soon as possible because, at a young age, babies are not afraid of water. Babies can learn to swim thanks to their natural instincts because of their swimming reflexes when they are still in their mother’s womb, and they will be more active and easier to practice. Learning to swim early also makes children become more confident and brave, the training time is even shorter in older children.

2. Which swimming pool is suitable for children?

Now, babies have more choices for themselves when they want to learn to swim and go swimming. If the children 5 years ago if they wanted to learn how to swim often to the public swimming pool, in recent years, they were purchased separately by their parents to use mini swimming pools to use at home. These swimming pools are convenient to use, mom can pump up when used and spray again to save space after swimming. Babies also love to use these mini swimming pools with diverse styles and colors.

3. The most guaranteed time for a baby to swim

The swimming pool is usually open from 6am – 9pm, but the ideal time for swimming is from 9-11 am, the water is warm and there is no toxic wind. If you do not have time for the morning or have to work, you can take your baby to swim in the late afternoon (about 5 pm). You absolutely should not let children swim at noon because the body’s temperature is high, sweating a lot if encountering water will be very cold. In addition, you need to limit swimming time for children, do not let children soak in water for too long. Because if soaked in water will lose energy, some babies may have skin allergies, affecting health.

Swimming time is about 40 minutes – 1 hour is sufficient. For young swimmers, the time in the water in the summer is about 30 minutes. Once your baby’s body has adapted to the water environment, you can let him swim for about 60 minutes. In addition, parents should pay attention to your baby boots joints such as knee joints, hip joints, elbow joints … or run gently. Usually, there is a form of bathing before swimming in the pool, this not only helps to keep hygiene but also helps the body get used to the water. When in the water should go back to get used to the environment. Never jump into the water and swim right away. After swimming, you should rest for 10-15 minutes before going home.

Sea Jousting: Knight spirit on boats

Sea Jousting is a traditional martial art on boats, taking place in many places like France, Switzerland and Germany. Among them, this sport is developed most strongly in France, especially the Languedoc region.

In the summer, around August every year, along the Mediterranean coast echoes the sound of water waves, drums, music, because it takes place the Sea Jousting water sport. These sounds are bustling all over France, and each has its own competition rules, of which Languedoc is considered the center of this sport.

The format of competition for Sea Jousting in Languedoc is as follows:

The competing boats will be painted two opposing colors, red or blue, and red flags or blue checkers must be put on each boat. On each large wooden boat rowing by eight or ten rowers, the rowers are mostly fishermen and there is an experienced captain who takes the leadership position.

Each boat is painted blue or red. A Jouster stands on a special platform (la tin taine) at the rear of the boat, about 3 meters from the water.

Jouster was forced to wear white clothes, white shoes and a shield measuring 70 x 40 cm, with a 2.8 meter long lance.

Also on board were two musicians, one playing a drum-type instrument (tambour), the other playing the oboe (hautbois), and maybe a few more troubadours along. The band is responsible for singing ancient songs and playing music to contribute to the fun, while also cheering the rowers to speed up the boat.

The rowers proceed to sail towards each other, and pass each other on the left. Jousters then uses spears to perform blows and pushes opponents into the water. The remaining Jouster still standing on the podium will be the winner.

This form of water sport is very fun and attractive. Formed since ancient times, there are many Sea Jousting tournaments dating back to the fifteenth century.

For example, in 1270 Louis IX and his crusaders, soldiers and sailors were faced in a battle on boats, on their way to the Holy Land of Egypt; In 1808, a water sports battle took place on the Garonne River in Toulouse to welcome the Naponean King to visit the city.

Since 1743, on August 25 every year, in Sète held a prestigious tournament jousting de la Saint – Louis. Then, from 1941 in France held a championship, and in 1962 held a French Cup (Coupe de France) with two age categories and two weight categories.

Over the process of formation and development for a long time, Sea Jousting today evolves according to different rules depending on each region and country. So far, this form of water sport has still received a lot of participation and encouragement.

Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian had to undergo testicular cancer

Nathan Adrian has shared on his personal page the image of him in the hospital with a notice of treatment for testicular cancer.

Nathan Adrian is one of the rich athletes of the US swimming team. He owned 5 gold medals in 3 Olympics from 2008 to 2016.

Recently, Nathan Adrian shared on his personal page the image of him in the hospital with a notice of treatment for testicular cancer.

In Rio 2016, Nathan Adrian once won a gold medal in relaying swimming with teammates including legendary Michael Phelps. 4 years earlier, this guy won 2 gold medals in London 2012, including a single gold medal in the 100m freestyle content. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nathan Adrian had his first gold medal in the 4x100m freestyle.

“Recently, I went to see a doctor because I felt my health was not good. After being tested and examined by experts, I was told I had testicular cancer. On a positive note, we discovered this early. I am starting my treatment and everything seems to be going well. I will return to the green track in a few weeks with the goal of heading to Tokyo 2020”, Nathan Andrian said.

Testicular cancer is a rare disease, accounting for about 1% of cancers in men. However, this is cancer with the highest incidence in men aged 25-35. The main cause of testicular cancer is hidden testicles. 80-85% of people with hidden testes develop testicular cancer and 15% -20% occur in opposite testes. Other factors that cause disease are a history of mumps, testicular hydroceles, inguinal hernia…

Nathan Adrian currently holds the US 50m freestyle swimming record with a record of 21 seconds 37 in the 2015 World Championship in Kazan (Russia).

6 possible warning signs for testicular cancer:

1. A pea-like small nodule

2. Feeling heavy on one scrotum side

3. A sharp pain in the testicles or scrotum

4. Change the shape or texture

5. Back pain, lower abdomen, neck.

6. Cough, shortness of breath for unknown reasons

How is water sports good for your health?

Besides exercise activities such as walking, cycling, water sports also bring a lot of outstanding health benefits for all ages and bring miraculous effects a few unexpected.

Helps to lose weight

The first and most important motivation for anyone involved in this type of exercise is to lose weight. Water exercise can help you lose weight faster than exercise on the ground. Because the whole body underwater is exercised even if you target a specific body area. Ideally, exercise 30-60 minutes underwater.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases

This is very beneficial for the metabolism and makes the body have a healthy appetite. In addition, it helps to strengthen the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of a variety of chronic dangerous diseases such as impaired immune system function.

Help strengthen bones

Movement such as sailing or other water sports (swimming, water polo, diving …) can improve women’s bone density after menopause. Therefore, they can avoid osteoporosis in old age.

Improve flexibility and portability

Water exercise is beneficial in improving the flexibility of the back and body. Flexibility is an important factor in physical activity because poor flexibility can limit the range of motion and mobility, reducing balance and coordination in motion.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases

When you participate in water sports activities, you are already active all the muscles in your body. It will increase your metabolism and give you an appetite. When your metabolism increases with cravings, you will eat more. At the same time, this helps your body’s energy to increase, increasing the immunity that helps protect you from chronic diseases.

Reduce stress

Water is very relaxing and soothing to the mind and helps calm your spirits. It stimulates the endorphins – the happy hormone that elevates your mood.

Improve general health

Low-impact exercises help improve general health. The floating force of water does not put too much pressure on the body or joints but keeps them safe. You may also feel not tired after practicing underwater. Regular swimming is very effective to reduce joint pain as well as to strengthen bones.

Horton has no regrets about boycotting the Chinese super fish Sun Yang

Australian swimming star Mack Horton said he would still boycott Sun Yang and accuse Chinese fishermen of using doping, even after learning that the young national team teammate Shayna Jack had failed to pass the inspection of banned substances.

According to AFP, after appearing to mixed opinions about the Chinese fisherman breaking a doping blood sample vial, Horton humiliated Sun Yang for not agreeing to take a picture together on the medal platform and from refuses to shake hands at the 2019 World Swimming Championships.

The position of the athlete who won the Olympic gold medal at 400m freestyle is supported by many spectators present at the tournament. However, Horton’s actions also angered the Chinese. The anger was even more explosive when it revealed that Australian female athlete Shayna Jack did not pass the test before entering the tournament.

Jack had returned home before the start of this year’s World Swimming Tournament, and Horton only knew of a positive testimony of the female team member after he had boycotted Sun Yang. However, Horton emphasized that Jack’s story did not affect his position on Sun Yang.

AFP quotes Horton as saying: “The difference is that as soon as she (Shayna Jack) received a positive test result, she returned to Australia and did not compete in the Swimming Championships. That gave me confidence in the Australian system. We do not let the athletes of our country get out of that, so we can ask more questions, doubts and ask more from the rest of the world”.

Sun Yang – once banned for three months for using banned substances in 2014, has been vilified, defamatory in South Korea after reports of Chinese super fishermen using a hammer to smash jars containing blood samples of The doping committee in the World Swimming Federation (FINA) was exposed. Sun Yang (who won the Olympic gold medal three times and 11 times world champion) has denied any wrongdoing.

Before the tournament in Korea, FINA declared that Sun Yang did not violate the law, so he was able to attend the tournament after breaking the jar containing the sample. However, the World Doping Prevention (WADA) has filed an application with the International Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS) to appeal the decision.

Horton has started a verbal war with Sun Yang since the 2016 Olympics, when he called his Chinese rival “doping fraud”. The Australian athlete revealed that he thought of protest days before the final swim of the 400m freestyle he came second after Sun Yang. However, the decision was made in the last minutes.

Horton recalls: “I wavered. I do not feel sure. I’m stress. It was annoying that no one really knew what to do, and then suddenly the audience became aware of what was going on and started clapping, I guess. It touched me and I seemed to think, “Ok, this is the right thing to do.” Later, when I walked into the dining hall, the US team started clapping, then all the rest of the lobby started cheering as I entered”.

Why do people love Rowing so much?

Exercising daily not only helps you feel healthier but it also has many interesting subjects. One of the new and exciting sports is Rowing.

Are you curious about Rowing, what Rowing is and what interesting things to practice in this subject? Join us with these questions today.

What is rowing?

Surely many people don’t know Rowing is the name of rowing. This is a class that requires extreme training and participating athletes must train in inclement weather.

Rowing athletes use muscles almost the whole body when sailing. Most commonly used are the hands, feet and back muscles with a combination of limbs and must perform a lot. So this is the sport that requires the most physical strength in the sport. Rowing is one of the water sports. And this sport is practiced in groups so it develops team communication skills.

The fast, strong and firm movement of the paddle will send the boat gliding in the opposite direction to the water. Because it is a sport where the water environment greatly affects the speed of the boat, instead of using the speed, people take the race time to review achievements and set a record.

What is the reason people like Rowing?

Surely many people do not know the reason why so many people love Rowing. Coming to Rowing, anyone can play this sport. It does not distinguish only rich people can play. A special feature is the team sport, it shows the team spirit of the player. Therefore, it should attract many teams to play.

Moreover, Rowing sport does not need to invest in yard or elaborate competition outfit. It only needs 2 elements: boat and water. Playing this sport you learn sailing techniques and it me up for you a toned body. What is more interesting when floating on the water is good for health. All of these factors are the answer to why people love the sport so much.

Rowing is currently a developed and quite popular sport. This is an interesting sport and brings many benefits for practitioners.

Learn the benefits of water sports

Scientific studies have proven that: Water sports bring many benefits to the physical and mental health of people. The following article will share the unexpected benefits of water sports.

Reduce the risk of chronic disease

Studies show that when you play water sports, all the muscles in the body are active. This is very beneficial for the metabolism, causing the body to have cravings. In particular, it also helps boost the immune system, helping to reduce the risk of serious chronic illness from impaired immune system function.

Water sports help you lose weight better

Exercising in the water helps you lose weight faster than normal. Because all the body in the water is exercised even if you aim at a certain body area. Water sports are the ideal choice for people who exercise and lose weight. Accordingly, the most ideal workout time is 30-60 minutes underwater.

Increase muscle strength

Water sports also increase muscular strength. Your body will be in balance, also your muscles will be most active. This is the reason most swimmers have tau and calf. These techniques work against water to help grow and strengthen muscles.

Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes

According to health experts at the College of Pharmacy, water can help relax muscles and the mind. Water also has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system. In particular, water sports also help keep blood sugar levels at a stable level, helping reduce the risk of diabetes.

Strong skeletal system

Health experts recommend that, instead of exercising in the gym or with a treadmill, play water sports. Water sports such as sailing, swimming, diving, and water polo can improve bone density, especially for postmenopausal women. Therefore, women over 40 years old should play water sports to avoid aging osteoporosis.

Healthy nervous system

Contact with water helps calm the body and makes it more relaxing and comfortable. Water relaxes and soothes the mind and helps calm your spirits.

The secret to the success of Michael Phelps (Part 2)

3. Prepare for any situation

Not only envisioning a perfect race, but Phelps also prepares and places himself in any situation that can happen in a race even with the slightest possibility. Set up any handling plan if your swimsuit is torn or glasses are caught in water in the middle of the race.

And everything will never be perfect. In the final of the 200m butterfly swim in Beijing 2008, Phelps swimming goggles were broken and he completely saw nothing underwater.

One might think that losing sight in the middle of a race in the Olympics would keep everyone calm, but since he had already prepared for the situation, the plan was there and Phelps finished the race with a gold medal along with a newly established world record.

4. Do not sink into failure

As long as Phelps knows he has tried his best – he has practised, prepared to the utmost – he will not be affected psychologically when he loses a race. His coach always reminded the athlete not to focus on the results, but the training process.

Since then Phelps has always been an endless source of inspiration for others, “Whether you win or lose, as long as you are chasing your dream with everything you have then you will surely succeed”.

5. Learn from mistakes

At the 2012 London Olympics, Phelps’ winning streak was interrupted by Chad le Clos, the South African athlete who defeated Phelps by 0.05 seconds at the 200m butterfly stroke.

It all just made Phelps more determined, he has repeatedly reviewed the video and realized his mistake and what needs to change.

And he took revenge when he just won against Le Clos in Rio 2016 in the 200m butterfly content, giving him the 20th gold medal of his career.

6. Practice hard

No one can achieve perfection without spending time and effort in practice. Phelps may be bestowed on a perfect swimming body, but he certainly cannot win today’s glory without persevering and breaking his limits every day.

On the eve of the 2004 Athens Olympics, he practiced 365 days a year for 6 consecutive years, whether it was Christmas or a birthday.