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Tell you 3 ways to learn how to swim fastest

Here are 3 quickest ways to learn swimming for your reference.

1. Ground exercises for beginners to learn how to swim

When learning to swim, you should prepare a full range of equipment such as good quality swimwear, swimming goggles, swim caps, ear muffs and swimming floats to ensure safety. Before going into the water to not encounter cramps, muscle contraction phenomenon, you should perform physical exercises for about 3 – 5 minutes. You can perform hand, foot, and knee swings with the purpose of heating up the body and stretching the joints.

2. Exercise holding your breath underwater

This is one of the basic exercises to help you learn how to swim fastest, if you can not hold your breath in the water, it also means that you can not learn to swim. The exercise of holding your breath in the water is very simple, after you get into the pool, take a deep breath, then hold your breath and sink right into the water. When you emerge from the water, you exhale and then continue to breathe and sink, you should do it several times to master. Note that the longer you are able to hold your breath underwater, the farther you will swim.

3. Exercises to breathe underwater and practice floating on the water

Once you’ve mastered the practice of holding your breath underwater, you will continue to learn underwater breathing. Breathing in and out is one of the activities we do every day, but breathing in water is different from breathing on land. To practice 2 exercises of breathing in the water and floating on the water, you choose the position close to the pool, hands clinging to the tank wall, then open your mouth to take a breath and sink into the water. When you sink into the water, holding your breath at first, relax your body and stretch your legs across the water.

At this point, you will feel your body floating on the surface of the water, then breathe all the air out through your nose and then continue to breathe through the mouth. The reason to take the breath through your mouth and exhale through the nose by doing so the amount of breath will be more than normal breathing, which will be very good for your swimming lessons.