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The history of diving – one of the favorite water sports in many countries

Diving is a sport in which an athlete jumps or falls into the water from a platform or pedal, usually during acrobatics. This sport is internationally recognized as part of the Olympic Games.

Divers have many of the same characteristics as gymnastics and dancers, including strength, flexibility, aesthetic judgment, and sense of space.

Some early professional divers were gymnastics or dancers because both of these sports had similar characteristics to diving. Dmitri Sautin is the athlete who holds the record for most Olympic diving medals won, by winning eight medals in total from 1992 to 2008.

Plunging is considered the first competitive diving sport. Diving has been a popular mode of entertainment around the world since ancient times. However, the first modern diving competitions were held in England in the 1880s. The exact origin of this sport is unknown. Apparently, though it’s likely that it originated from the diving action at the start of the swim race.

Diving is an official Olympic sport nowadays

The British Amateur Swimming Association (then known as the British Swimming Association) first started in 1883. The Plunging Championship was discontinued in 1937.

Diving into a body of water is also a method used by gymnastics in Germany and Sweden since the early 19th century. Soft landing allows more elaborate steps into the water because the jump can be done from a higher height. This tradition evolved into “fancy dives,” while diving as a preliminary step to swimming was called “plain diving”.

In the UK, the practice of high diving – diving from high altitudes – has become popular. The first dive stages appeared at Highgate Ponds at 15 feet (4.6 m) in 1893. The first world championship event, the National Graceful Diving Competition, was organized in 1895. The event included standing and running diving from 15 or 30 feet (4.6 or 9.1 m).

History of the diving sport

It was at this event that Sweden’s favorite diving tradition was introduced to the sport by Otto Hagborg and C F Mauritzi. They demonstrated their acrobatic techniques from the 10m diving board at Highgate Pond and this led to the establishment of the Amateur Diving Association in 1901, the first diving organization in the world (later merged with the Amateur Swimming Association).

Top highly recommended diving spots in the world nowadays

Diving takes you to a completely different world, where we feel like we are floating among the colorful creatures on the sea floor.

Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

The Poor Knights Islands are often referred to as “mecca” for excellent divers, and are also one of the top diving destinations. Let’s experience the feeling of swimming among the cliffs at the bottom of the sea, with hundreds of species of fish here. If you’re lucky, you can also meet sea cucumbers, whales and even hammerhead fish.

New Zealand is a country that places great emphasis on preserving the environment. They created a protective network along the coastline with the purpose of restoring marine ecosystems.

Southern Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati

The Southern Line Islands are special on both sides of the equator. Located in the South Pacific, the Southern Line is an ideal location for biological research.

While coral reefs around the world are in danger of bleaching and disappear, here they remain in their pristine state, never affected by human. Let’s dive in and see the magical array of colors, we will feel lost among the incredible marine life.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is probably not new to travelers who like to experience the sea. This is a true destination for those who love diving but get seasick, because usually we have to sail quite far to the sea to dive. But with a diving spot on the island of Bali, you don’t need to travel far and of course you won’t be seasick.

Queensland, Australia

The SS Yongala ship sank under Western Australia in 1911, killing 122 people, but it was not discovered until 1958. So far, this place has become famous for its rich marine ecosystem, including sharks.

However, diving here requires good skills to deal with unexpected situations such as being stuck or injured due to being entangled in rusted ship walls. In return, the scenery on the bottom of the sea and in the ship is great.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Visitors to the Darwin Islands, in Galapagos, Ecuador, will be immersed in the experience of scuba diving. Arch Island of this archipelago is the place where whale sharks appear around June to December each year. There are many destinations where you can swim and see many sharks of different sizes, but here you will see the perfect whale shark.