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Learn about the FINA – the famous water sports tournament (Part 1)

The FINA world championship, also known as the World Championship for swimming and water sports is run by FINA (International Swimming Federation in English).

The tournament includes world championships in water sports such as swimming, diving, high diving, artistic swimming, and water polo. The tournament is run by FINA and held in Olympic standard swimming pool (50 m).

The first time the FINA championship took place

The tournament was first held in 1973 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and is currently held every two years. Particularly in the period 1978-1998, the tournament was held every 4 years between the two summer Olympics.

Historically, from 1978 to 1998, the tournament has been held every four years, on even years coinciding with the years held the Summer Olympic Games. From 2001 onwards, the tournament is held every two years, on odd years.

Currently, the US is the country that is dominating the medals table of the award with a total of 540 medals of all kinds since 1973, the second place is China with 266 different medals.

The FINA World Championship 2021 will be held in Fukuoka city – Japan

FINA has also determined that the FINA World Championship 2021 will be held in Fukuoka city – Japan from July 16 to August 1, 2021. FINA World Championship 2023 will be held in Doha – Qatar from 6/10 to 22/10/2023.

It is clear that FINA is in favor of hosting Asian cities. Perhaps this is to further promote Asia’s movement and level of water sports. Meanwhile, it takes advantage of its passionate admiration this densely populated continent.

Regarding the competition content, fans should note the following attractive water sports.

High Diving

High diving is a new water sport that has been included in the program since the 15th FINA World Championship. It was 2013 in Barcelona with the competition content of men jumping 27m, and women jumping 20m. The sport is unique in which the athletes often cannot practice in an authentic environment until the days leading up to the competition.

High diving has been identified by FINA as a sport separate from conventional diving. The High Jump athletes reach a downfall speed of 96 km/h. They reach water with their feet rather than with their heads like regular diving.

Watching this subject is like watching an adventure movie. The advantage in this water sports competition belongs to the Americas and Europe. The subject is also the only non-Olympic subject in the tournament.

Horton has no regrets about boycotting the Chinese super fish Sun Yang

Australian swimming star Mack Horton said he would still boycott Sun Yang and accuse Chinese fishermen of using doping, even after learning that the young national team teammate Shayna Jack had failed to pass the inspection of banned substances.

According to AFP, after appearing to mixed opinions about the Chinese fisherman breaking a doping blood sample vial, Horton humiliated Sun Yang for not agreeing to take a picture together on the medal platform and from refuses to shake hands at the 2019 World Swimming Championships.

The position of the athlete who won the Olympic gold medal at 400m freestyle is supported by many spectators present at the tournament. However, Horton’s actions also angered the Chinese. The anger was even more explosive when it revealed that Australian female athlete Shayna Jack did not pass the test before entering the tournament.

Jack had returned home before the start of this year’s World Swimming Tournament, and Horton only knew of a positive testimony of the female team member after he had boycotted Sun Yang. However, Horton emphasized that Jack’s story did not affect his position on Sun Yang.

AFP quotes Horton as saying: “The difference is that as soon as she (Shayna Jack) received a positive test result, she returned to Australia and did not compete in the Swimming Championships. That gave me confidence in the Australian system. We do not let the athletes of our country get out of that, so we can ask more questions, doubts and ask more from the rest of the world”.

Sun Yang – once banned for three months for using banned substances in 2014, has been vilified, defamatory in South Korea after reports of Chinese super fishermen using a hammer to smash jars containing blood samples of The doping committee in the World Swimming Federation (FINA) was exposed. Sun Yang (who won the Olympic gold medal three times and 11 times world champion) has denied any wrongdoing.

Before the tournament in Korea, FINA declared that Sun Yang did not violate the law, so he was able to attend the tournament after breaking the jar containing the sample. However, the World Doping Prevention (WADA) has filed an application with the International Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS) to appeal the decision.

Horton has started a verbal war with Sun Yang since the 2016 Olympics, when he called his Chinese rival “doping fraud”. The Australian athlete revealed that he thought of protest days before the final swim of the 400m freestyle he came second after Sun Yang. However, the decision was made in the last minutes.

Horton recalls: “I wavered. I do not feel sure. I’m stress. It was annoying that no one really knew what to do, and then suddenly the audience became aware of what was going on and started clapping, I guess. It touched me and I seemed to think, “Ok, this is the right thing to do.” Later, when I walked into the dining hall, the US team started clapping, then all the rest of the lobby started cheering as I entered”.