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The world’s first 360-degree infinity pool in London

For those who love swimming, this will be a great pool at the top of a London building with a 360-degree view across the romantic city of London.

Designed on a 200m high skyscraper called Infinity London, the 600,000-liter water pool will be called Compass Pools. The designers claim this idea is unique in the world with a 360-degree transparent swimming pool.

It is known that the pool and the building were designed by a West Sussex-based company called Compass Pools. The company says instead of glass, they will use acrylic because the material can transmit light similar to water so the pool will be completely transparent. So people below can see swimmers above.

To be able to keep the uniqueness, there will be no stairs outside the pool or the building. Instead, a rotating spiral staircase will take people in or out of the pool.

The architects also said the pool would sparkle like jewels at night when the building is decorated with different types of light bulbs.

The architect said that the hardest thing was how people move from the building to the pool. The only solution is based on the spiral staircase of a submarine. This ladder will go up from the bottom of the pool when someone needs to enter or exit – this will be a very special highlight of this pool, a very James Bond style“.

The pool will also be equipped with a suitable anemometer to measure wind speed and link to the building management system. From there, a computer will automatically adjust the temperature of the water in the tank and prevent water from overflowing below. Pool water will be heated by using excess energy from the building’s air conditioning system.

The design team also has the ambition to build a 5-star hotel just below this pool. If the contractors and their partners approve the drawings and plans, construction will begin in 2020.