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Surf all summer at the most beautiful islands in Asia nowadays (Part 1)

The list of the most beautiful islands in Asia will be great suggestions for those who do not know where to go for the rest of this summer.

Every summer, the beautiful green islands always have a strong attraction to moving devotees. Previously, many people had to cross the road to be immersed in the magical, cool space of the beautiful islands as far as Europe like Santorini (Greece) or Ischia (Italy).

Now, there is no need to go far, even in Asia, there are also beautiful islands that just need to hear the name seen in their heart eagerly and want to run there and surf for the rest of the summer. The 7 most beautiful islands in Asia below will prove it.

1. Boracay – The surfing paradise in the heart of the Philippines

Boracay is a small island in Aklan province, Philippines with a length of about 7km, the width of less than 2km, the total area of ​​the island is just over 10 square kilometers. Not only a brilliant pearl in the middle of the Philippines, Boracay is also one of the seven most beautiful islands in Asia and in the top 25 in the world.

Boracay is one of the seven most beautiful islands in Asia. In the summer, tourists often go to Boracay to surf the white water, lie on the fine white sand or lull under the golden sunlight beside the tranquil green coconut trees.

In particular, the afternoon is down when Boracay becomes the most beautiful. Come to Boracay, visitors can enjoy many great water sports including surfing. During the day, the blue sea is as clear as the Maldives. At night the sea becomes crimson and the shade of the sun.

2. Koh Samui – The beautiful coconut island of the Golden Temple country

In the past decade or so, Koh Samui has become one of Thailand’s most attractive tourist destinations, behind only Phuket and also one of the most beautiful islands in Asia.

In fact, Koh Samui thrives on relaxation, is loved by tourists for its wild, rustic and simple features, by the clear blue waters or the idiosyncratic features of a coastal fishing village.