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Surf all summer at the most beautiful islands in Asia nowadays (Part 3)

The image associated with the Maldives is stretching white sand beaches, brilliant coral reefs hidden under turquoise seawater, or palm tree-shaped resorts stretching out into the sea.

Surfing, snorkeling, swimming with sharks, or a romantic dinner with candles and wine by the beach are the luxurious experiences you should try when traveling to the Maldives.

6. Bali – the island paradise of Indonesia

People often call the Indonesian island of Bali as Tropical Paradise, Dawn of the World, or Land of Thousand Temples. Together with the islands of Maldives, Hawaii, Santorini, Bali has become one of the best resorts in the world. This is also one of the most beautiful islands in Asia that is perfect to enjoy water sports.

No need to observe the polls, just looking at the number of tourists who flock to Bali every day is enough to know how attractive the island is.

There are many exciting water sports to enjoy in Bali

Coming to Bali, you will have the opportunity to see the scenery of the majestic mountains, romantic beaches, or participate in many adventure games such as surfing, cycling on the rope… You can enjoy relaxing moments with cheerful tunes or immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere at ancient temples.

Bali touched the hearts of millions of visitors not only by the charming scenery but also by the warmth, openness, and hospitality of the local people.

7. Palawan – the end of the world in the Philippines

People call Palawan the end of the world because when you come here, you seem to forget all your troubles, separate from the stuffy city of high-rise buildings, and release yourself to nature.

Palawan is an ideal place to enjoy water sports

In the blue sea, undulating mountains, and lush green forests, we have peaceful fishing villages where locals are always friendly to tourists and allow them to immerse themselves in the island’s culture.

In particular, under the Palawan ocean, there is a mysterious and strange world that you can only discover when participating in a scuba diving tour. Surely, you will utter delight when touching barracuda fish amidst the wreckage of shipwrecks.

Surf all summer at the most beautiful islands in Asia nowadays (Part 2)

3. Cebu – Port scene leading to the island paradise of the Philippines

Cebu is also ranked in the list of one of the most beautiful islands in Asia. This place is like a “gate” leading to thousands of journeys when surrounded by 170 islands of different sizes.

The islands in Cebu are not far from each other, from island to island only takes a few dozen minutes by boat. Each island has its characteristic of scenery and traditional customs. The special feature here is that the waves are very smooth, the sea is clear all year round.

The main feature of the Cebu Sea is the beaches that are not steep, with white sand and smooth. So, when you come here, you can walk for miles on the sea surface with knee-high water level or freely surf the end of summer without fear of flooding.

4. Naoshima – The island of art of mourning

It is not without reason that Naoshima is honored as “The island of Japanese art”. Coming here, you will encounter the types of arts, unique artistic architectures present in every corner of the island, from hotels, galleries to outdoor areas.

Walking around the island alone to discover art in your way, you will discover outdoor sculptures and impressive works of art, sometimes hidden, cleverly disguised as a playground for children children or colorful gardens.

Besides, adventure on Naoshima Island is one of the most wonderful experiences in life for those who want to escape the noise and crowds in cities, to find a peaceful and quiet living space.

5. Maldives

It will be flawed if you mention the most beautiful islands in Asia but ignore the Maldives. From the smallest island nation in Asia, the Maldives has become one of the world’s most resort paradise.

5 interesting water sports and activities you should try once (Part 2)

3. Experience sailing in Sardinia and Corsica, France

Stepping on boats and adventure to Sardinia and Corsica on Intrepid’s 8-day trip is one of the best travel experiences you should try in 2016. Cruise to the splendid Costa Smeralda before moving to Isola Caprera, or running past the ancient seaport in the town of Bonifacio.

The tour will also take you to the Maddalena Islands, the islands of Lavezzi, Spargi and Santo Stefano. In addition to swimming and scuba diving, visitors can also enjoy hiking in Isola Caprera or cycling around La Maddalena.

Highlights of the tour include King Aragon Steps, Bonifacio town with soft sandy beaches and medieval houses on the cliffs, walking or cycling on the trails to explore Caprera Island – The home of gulls, eagles and wild goats. The journey is also very flexible according to the wishes of visitors. Whenever you want, the boat will be parked for you to roam or swim quickly.

4. Surfing in Portugal

Based in Vila Nova de Milfontes in the middle of the Vicentine Coast nature park, the 8-day family adventure in Portugal by travel company Exodus is also one of the cruises experiences not to be missed in 2016. For surfing proficiency, the tour will offer surfing lessons and is available on the board for visitors.

In addition to surfing, there are still many activities for visitors to experience elsewhere such as kayaking on the Mira River, jumping on the bridge at Milfontes (for an extra fee) or swimming in a charming waters or bungee jumping.

This is also a time to relax by the pool or on the beach. But if you prefer an activity other than swimming, you can join a jeep tour to explore the charming coastlines and forests, or cycle along the coast and end at the top of Sardão Cape Post.

5. Rowing on the river in Yukon, Canada

Traveling to Yukon lasts 10 days, every night there is camping on the river. In particular, the tour does not require visitors to have prior camping experience, suitable for travelers with many talents and likes to participate in outdoor activities.

Highlights of the tour include the royal Canadian military outpost, the tiny indigenous town of Carmack, which has only 500 people; and abandoned shopping malls like Hootalinqu.