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Don’t rush to swim until you have read this article!

Going swimming on summer day not only makes adults excited but babies are equally excited.

Swimming brings many health care benefits and cooling the heat, while also preventing many risks such as drowning, asphyxia, etc. If mom prepares your baby to swim or learn to swim, be sure must read this article.

1. What age should the baby go to swim?

For babies in developed countries, many parents have taught babies to swim from birth, especially when they are only 4 to 6 weeks old. Most of them say that babies should practice swimming as soon as possible because, at a young age, babies are not afraid of water. Babies can learn to swim thanks to their natural instincts because of their swimming reflexes when they are still in their mother’s womb, and they will be more active and easier to practice. Learning to swim early also makes children become more confident and brave, the training time is even shorter in older children.

2. Which swimming pool is suitable for children?

Now, babies have more choices for themselves when they want to learn to swim and go swimming. If the children 5 years ago if they wanted to learn how to swim often to the public swimming pool, in recent years, they were purchased separately by their parents to use mini swimming pools to use at home. These swimming pools are convenient to use, mom can pump up when used and spray again to save space after swimming. Babies also love to use these mini swimming pools with diverse styles and colors.

3. The most guaranteed time for a baby to swim

The swimming pool is usually open from 6am – 9pm, but the ideal time for swimming is from 9-11 am, the water is warm and there is no toxic wind. If you do not have time for the morning or have to work, you can take your baby to swim in the late afternoon (about 5 pm). You absolutely should not let children swim at noon because the body’s temperature is high, sweating a lot if encountering water will be very cold. In addition, you need to limit swimming time for children, do not let children soak in water for too long. Because if soaked in water will lose energy, some babies may have skin allergies, affecting health.

Swimming time is about 40 minutes – 1 hour is sufficient. For young swimmers, the time in the water in the summer is about 30 minutes. Once your baby’s body has adapted to the water environment, you can let him swim for about 60 minutes. In addition, parents should pay attention to your baby boots joints such as knee joints, hip joints, elbow joints … or run gently. Usually, there is a form of bathing before swimming in the pool, this not only helps to keep hygiene but also helps the body get used to the water. When in the water should go back to get used to the environment. Never jump into the water and swim right away. After swimming, you should rest for 10-15 minutes before going home.