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Learn about the FINA – the famous water sports tournament (Part 3)

According to the current FINA’s point of view, water sports are unisex sports, there are no longer only women’s-only subjects.

The purpose of FINA in the matter of unisexizing water sports is to increase their attractiveness. Besides, it aims to increase the number of participants to practice in these sports. Thereby, increase communication, increasing advertising, and increasing operating funding!

Fans of water sports can look forward to taking part in the championship in this energetic sports city. 15,000 athletes from 200 countries will be present in Gwangju to compete in 6 water sports for 76 world championships.

Qualifying tournament for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The FINA World Championship 2019 was be counted as a qualifying tournament for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, applied for individual athletes to achieve specified achievement in their competition events. Especially, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics allows a maximum of 16 eligible teams for each relay swim event. There is a maximum allocation of one team per National Olympic Committee.

The FINA World Championship 2019 was be counted as a qualifying tournament for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The 12 countries with the top position in each relay swim event at FINA World Championship 2019 will be eligible to participate in the Olympics in Japan based on the final ranking. In recent events, the US, China, and Russia are continuously in the top 3 of the tournament.

Fina held the first online competition among training centers

As the sports industry moves to new ways to stay competitive. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fina held its first online contest on September 26, 2020.

Swimmers from the FINA-approved development center in Kazan (RUS). And training centers Azura Florida (USA) and Thanyapura Phuket (THA) raced in the home swimming pool. In various swimming events. And record their time before sharing them with award recipients.

The purpose of this online swimming competition is to provide an alternative. Let the athletes continue training in the same conditions. Like before the pandemic and prepare the best you can for the upcoming season. This first and unique initiative created a safe and competitive school for FINA award winners.

An opportunity is essential in this condition to assess their progress and proficiency in comparison to other young swimming talents in other parts of the world. This online contest provides a risk-free framework. It will be highly successful by satisfying the desire for competition to continue.