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Surf all summer at the most beautiful islands in Asia nowadays (Part 2)

3. Cebu – Port scene leading to the island paradise of the Philippines

Cebu is also ranked in the list of one of the most beautiful islands in Asia. This place is like a “gate” leading to thousands of journeys when surrounded by 170 islands of different sizes.

The islands in Cebu are not far from each other, from island to island only takes a few dozen minutes by boat. Each island has its characteristic of scenery and traditional customs. The special feature here is that the waves are very smooth, the sea is clear all year round.

The main feature of the Cebu Sea is the beaches that are not steep, with white sand and smooth. So, when you come here, you can walk for miles on the sea surface with knee-high water level or freely surf the end of summer without fear of flooding.

4. Naoshima – The island of art of mourning

It is not without reason that Naoshima is honored as “The island of Japanese art”. Coming here, you will encounter the types of arts, unique artistic architectures present in every corner of the island, from hotels, galleries to outdoor areas.

Walking around the island alone to discover art in your way, you will discover outdoor sculptures and impressive works of art, sometimes hidden, cleverly disguised as a playground for children children or colorful gardens.

Besides, adventure on Naoshima Island is one of the most wonderful experiences in life for those who want to escape the noise and crowds in cities, to find a peaceful and quiet living space.

5. Maldives

It will be flawed if you mention the most beautiful islands in Asia but ignore the Maldives. From the smallest island nation in Asia, the Maldives has become one of the world’s most resort paradise.

Surf all summer at the most beautiful islands in Asia nowadays (Part 1)

The list of the most beautiful islands in Asia will be great suggestions for those who do not know where to go for the rest of this summer.

Every summer, the beautiful green islands always have a strong attraction to moving devotees. Previously, many people had to cross the road to be immersed in the magical, cool space of the beautiful islands as far as Europe like Santorini (Greece) or Ischia (Italy).

Now, there is no need to go far, even in Asia, there are also beautiful islands that just need to hear the name seen in their heart eagerly and want to run there and surf for the rest of the summer. The 7 most beautiful islands in Asia below will prove it.

1. Boracay – The surfing paradise in the heart of the Philippines

Boracay is a small island in Aklan province, Philippines with a length of about 7km, the width of less than 2km, the total area of ​​the island is just over 10 square kilometers. Not only a brilliant pearl in the middle of the Philippines, Boracay is also one of the seven most beautiful islands in Asia and in the top 25 in the world.

Boracay is one of the seven most beautiful islands in Asia. In the summer, tourists often go to Boracay to surf the white water, lie on the fine white sand or lull under the golden sunlight beside the tranquil green coconut trees.

In particular, the afternoon is down when Boracay becomes the most beautiful. Come to Boracay, visitors can enjoy many great water sports including surfing. During the day, the blue sea is as clear as the Maldives. At night the sea becomes crimson and the shade of the sun.

2. Koh Samui – The beautiful coconut island of the Golden Temple country

In the past decade or so, Koh Samui has become one of Thailand’s most attractive tourist destinations, behind only Phuket and also one of the most beautiful islands in Asia.

In fact, Koh Samui thrives on relaxation, is loved by tourists for its wild, rustic and simple features, by the clear blue waters or the idiosyncratic features of a coastal fishing village.

Discover the 10 most beautiful diving places in the world (Part 2)

5. Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Cocos Island is located about 483 km off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This island surrounded by tropical forests is almost uninhabited and has many beautiful views in the ocean.

Cocos Island is an ideal destination for travelers who love sharks. The marine species that can be found here are sharks, hammerhead sharks, white sharks, mantas fish, and tuna.

6. Sipadan, Malaysia

Located on the east coast of Malaysian Borneo, Sipadan is a fairy garden with many beautiful tourist spots for professional divers. The area is rich in marine life, such as rainbow fish, sea turtles, and hammerhead sharks.

Recently, Sipadan became protected and resorts on the beach had to be closed. Snorkeling is still allowed, but visitors must be transported by ferry out to sea with only 120 people per day.

7. Palau, Micronesia

Palau is the great diving area of ​​Micronesia and is also famous for its shipwrecks during World War II. This is also home to many species of lionfish. This place is perfect for diving and other water sports.

8. Darwin and Wolf Islands

Galapagos is a major marine protected area of ​​the world, 70000 km2 wide. Unlike other popular diving spots, reefs are not the main attraction of the Galapagos. The biggest attraction here is the abundance and diversity of marine life.

Some of the best snorkeling spots here are Darwin and Wolf islands. This is home to many marine creatures like hammerhead sharks.

9. Underground rock circuits in the Red Sea, Egypt

Egypt’s the Red Sea is one of the most beautiful in the world. The vast coral reefs on the reefs are home to thousands of marine life. Surely you will enjoy visiting the ocean bed of the Red Sea.

10. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The reef is located in a coral reef located off the coast of Queensland in the Northeastern part of Australia. A large portion of the reef is protected by the Great Barrier Park.

Above are the 10 most beautiful diving places in the world. These places promise to be great destinations for your diving trip.

Discover the 10 most beautiful diving places in the world (Part 1)

Snorkeling is an exciting recreational sport and a great activity to explore the fascinating ocean floor. Here are 10 of the most beautiful diving places in the world that are appreciated by diving enthusiasts.

1. Similan Island, Thailand

Similan Island in the western Andaman Sea is considered the most beautiful diving area in Thailand. This sea area has 9 islands, covered with tropical forests and romantic white-sand beaches. However, the scenery under the ocean is even more impressive.

There are 2 swimming spots on Similan Island. The ocean scene in the east is beautiful with many coral reefs and reefs. Meanwhile, the ocean bed in the west has many massive granite rocks surrounded by layers of coral. The depth here is from 15 – 40m, is home to many species of fish and animals living in deep-sea sand.

2. Underground rock circuits in the Maldives

The Maldives is famous for its tropical beauty and also because it has some of the best diving spots in the world. The interesting and attractive thing for tourists in ocean-bed tours in the Maldives are not unique reefs, but also much lively marine life.

The reefs surrounding the Maldives are home to parrotfish, sweetlips fish, colorful seaweed, and many other invertebrates.

3. Bunaken, Indonesia

Located in the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, Bunaken is one of the most popular diving spots in Indonesia. The best time to snorkel in Bunaken is between April and November.

Bunaken is a part of Bunaken Marine Park where you can see more than 70% of fish species living in the Western Pacific. This is a great and ideal tourist destination for swimming and exploring the ocean.

4. Blue wormhole, Belize

The deep blue hole is located 96 km from the coast of Belize and is one of the top diving spots in the world. This large deep hole is located near Reef lighthouse and takes the shape of a circle of deep blue water.

Green holes are formed due to the collapse of the limestone cave system thousands of years ago. Here, visitors can find sea creatures such as fa iry fish, grouper fish, luminescent grouper.

The most popular water sports in the world nowadays (Part 1)

With modern lifestyles, traveling in the seas along with it is the practice of water sports increasingly popular. In this sport, you have just strengthened to satisfy your passion when struggling in the water. Today we explore the 5 most popular water sports.

What is water sports?

Water sports or water sports are a group of sports that use one or a combination of deep diving techniques, breathtaking or snorkeling, etc. like a diving mask or clones. The sport is conducted in the natural environment or at places such as rivers, seas, lakes or artificial water environments such as swimming pools.


Rowing is also an attractive water sport. Rowing English called Rowing. Find out more about this subject! Playing water sports is now one of the most popular content on travel occasions. The water sports increasingly developed. Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular water sports.


Kayaking is one of the 5 most popular and popular water sports today. This discipline was introduced in the 90s and spread everywhere. The most attractive and impressive images of boat racing festivals will be updated in the following article. Please remember to read it!

This sport is not only interesting but the service cost for it is quite cheap. This sport is most popular in resorts and tourism to serve tourists.


Did you know that the underwater environment is very lively and has many mysteries. If you are curious about it, you love the beauty of the sea and want to see the beautiful images underwater, this is a great sport for you.

In this sport, you can turn yourself into a resident of the ocean. You can swim with the fish while other in your fashionable clothes. Not only that, you can also see strange creatures that you can not see anywhere. These reasons make this sport one of the 5 most popular sports.

Top highly recommended diving spots in the world nowadays

Diving takes you to a completely different world, where we feel like we are floating among the colorful creatures on the sea floor.

Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

The Poor Knights Islands are often referred to as “mecca” for excellent divers, and are also one of the top diving destinations. Let’s experience the feeling of swimming among the cliffs at the bottom of the sea, with hundreds of species of fish here. If you’re lucky, you can also meet sea cucumbers, whales and even hammerhead fish.

New Zealand is a country that places great emphasis on preserving the environment. They created a protective network along the coastline with the purpose of restoring marine ecosystems.

Southern Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati

The Southern Line Islands are special on both sides of the equator. Located in the South Pacific, the Southern Line is an ideal location for biological research.

While coral reefs around the world are in danger of bleaching and disappear, here they remain in their pristine state, never affected by human. Let’s dive in and see the magical array of colors, we will feel lost among the incredible marine life.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is probably not new to travelers who like to experience the sea. This is a true destination for those who love diving but get seasick, because usually we have to sail quite far to the sea to dive. But with a diving spot on the island of Bali, you don’t need to travel far and of course you won’t be seasick.

Queensland, Australia

The SS Yongala ship sank under Western Australia in 1911, killing 122 people, but it was not discovered until 1958. So far, this place has become famous for its rich marine ecosystem, including sharks.

However, diving here requires good skills to deal with unexpected situations such as being stuck or injured due to being entangled in rusted ship walls. In return, the scenery on the bottom of the sea and in the ship is great.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Visitors to the Darwin Islands, in Galapagos, Ecuador, will be immersed in the experience of scuba diving. Arch Island of this archipelago is the place where whale sharks appear around June to December each year. There are many destinations where you can swim and see many sharks of different sizes, but here you will see the perfect whale shark.

Basic things you should know about underwater hockey (Part 2)

In order to play underwater hockey, an athlete needs to be a good swimmer, able to dive deep and keep a good breath for as long as possible, so besides competing against the goal. This is a swimming match with deep dive and long dive. In this water sport, anyone who has the ability to dive longer can bring victory to his team.

The ball in underwater hockey

The ball used in underwater hockey is of normal size, round, flat but it is important that it has enough weight to sink to the bottom. Usually an orb to play in this interesting match weighs between 1.3 and 1.5kg.

Hockey sticks for playing underwater

Each member of the match may use a hockey stick about 30cm long, not too long for the athlete to move easily and use a stick to hit the opponent’s net.

In addition to swimming, athletes participating in the match must learn accurate underwater polishing skills, because water can obstruct the path of the bridge, and the bridge is quite heavy, requiring athletes. You must be in good health to fight.

Equipment for athletes

Each athlete participating in the match will be equipped with propellers, swimwear, bats, masks, gloves made from rubber. And to distinguish underwater, each team will be equipped with tools of the same color

Specification of swimming pool for underwater hockey

The surface of the lake is used to organize an underwater hockey game with a depth of 2-4m and a flat lake bed to ensure the bridge can move in the direction of the polish. Usually the lake size must reach 25x12m. The goal of each team is made of metal that looks like a tray and each team has to make it to put the ball into the opponent’s tray as much as possible.


Each team participates in water hockey including 10 athletes, of which 6 will compete and the other 4 will be in reserve. This sport does not distinguish between men and women, as long as you have good health, you can play it.

The order to start the game begins with the whistle and then the players of both teams will rush into the lake, dive and start to serve the center line of the lake. An underwater hockey game is extremely attractive to the participants as well as the spectators watching the match, the athletes will show their ability of great swimming, extremely nice serves.

Above are basic things you should know about underwater hockey.

5 interesting water sports and activities you should try once (Part 2)

3. Experience sailing in Sardinia and Corsica, France

Stepping on boats and adventure to Sardinia and Corsica on Intrepid’s 8-day trip is one of the best travel experiences you should try in 2016. Cruise to the splendid Costa Smeralda before moving to Isola Caprera, or running past the ancient seaport in the town of Bonifacio.

The tour will also take you to the Maddalena Islands, the islands of Lavezzi, Spargi and Santo Stefano. In addition to swimming and scuba diving, visitors can also enjoy hiking in Isola Caprera or cycling around La Maddalena.

Highlights of the tour include King Aragon Steps, Bonifacio town with soft sandy beaches and medieval houses on the cliffs, walking or cycling on the trails to explore Caprera Island – The home of gulls, eagles and wild goats. The journey is also very flexible according to the wishes of visitors. Whenever you want, the boat will be parked for you to roam or swim quickly.

4. Surfing in Portugal

Based in Vila Nova de Milfontes in the middle of the Vicentine Coast nature park, the 8-day family adventure in Portugal by travel company Exodus is also one of the cruises experiences not to be missed in 2016. For surfing proficiency, the tour will offer surfing lessons and is available on the board for visitors.

In addition to surfing, there are still many activities for visitors to experience elsewhere such as kayaking on the Mira River, jumping on the bridge at Milfontes (for an extra fee) or swimming in a charming waters or bungee jumping.

This is also a time to relax by the pool or on the beach. But if you prefer an activity other than swimming, you can join a jeep tour to explore the charming coastlines and forests, or cycle along the coast and end at the top of Sardão Cape Post.

5. Rowing on the river in Yukon, Canada

Traveling to Yukon lasts 10 days, every night there is camping on the river. In particular, the tour does not require visitors to have prior camping experience, suitable for travelers with many talents and likes to participate in outdoor activities.

Highlights of the tour include the royal Canadian military outpost, the tiny indigenous town of Carmack, which has only 500 people; and abandoned shopping malls like Hootalinqu.

Top ideal places for sailing voted by global travelers (Part 1)

Do you dream of being “lost” in the calm water or exploring tropical wetlands? These are the best destinations for sailing on the opinion of global travelers.

Cowes in Isle of Wight, UK

The establishment of the Royal Yacht Squadron in 1815 turned Cowes, a small seaside village, the number one destination for sailing on the island. For years, Cowes has maintained its unwavering position, with the Cowes Week festival attracting 100,000 visitors every year as the largest sailing race in the world.

Whether you prefer yachts, boating or water sports, there are always plenty of options and family-friendly events from May to August – this is why Cowes is a great place for Both beginners and more experienced sailors. Stay at North House, an old town house built in the 1850s, has been renovated with beautiful design and stunning views of the ocean.

Iława in Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Poland

Iława is a lakeside town with sparkling jewels in the Great Lake Area, Poland. Here you will find white and terracotta multi-storey houses, surrounded by wooden veranda patios and hanging flower baskets, as beautiful as the scene in Hollywood movies.

The sailing season in Poland starts in early May and lasts until the end of September – the time period when you can start a sailing course or sailing training course by any school in the Great Lake. The town of Iława overlooks Lake Jeziorak, Poland’s longest water body and is a popular place for boating and canoeing.

In Poland, you will need a permit to sail (depending on the size of the hull) but you can also rent a yacht with a licensed driver. Go easy on Jeziorak Lake and enjoy a great breakfast to start your day at Hotel Port 110.

Göcek in the Aegean region, Turkey

Göcek has been a busy harbor since the Ottoman period, and today, this small Turkish town has six large and bustling marinas. First-time visitors to this area should charter a manned catamaran to the Twelve Islands to soak up the clear sea, endless horizon and the opportunity to dine in one of the gorgeous olive gardens on the island of Domuz.

How is water sports good for your health?

Besides exercise activities such as walking, cycling, water sports also bring a lot of outstanding health benefits for all ages and bring miraculous effects a few unexpected.

Helps to lose weight

The first and most important motivation for anyone involved in this type of exercise is to lose weight. Water exercise can help you lose weight faster than exercise on the ground. Because the whole body underwater is exercised even if you target a specific body area. Ideally, exercise 30-60 minutes underwater.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases

This is very beneficial for the metabolism and makes the body have a healthy appetite. In addition, it helps to strengthen the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of a variety of chronic dangerous diseases such as impaired immune system function.

Help strengthen bones

Movement such as sailing or other water sports (swimming, water polo, diving …) can improve women’s bone density after menopause. Therefore, they can avoid osteoporosis in old age.

Improve flexibility and portability

Water exercise is beneficial in improving the flexibility of the back and body. Flexibility is an important factor in physical activity because poor flexibility can limit the range of motion and mobility, reducing balance and coordination in motion.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases

When you participate in water sports activities, you are already active all the muscles in your body. It will increase your metabolism and give you an appetite. When your metabolism increases with cravings, you will eat more. At the same time, this helps your body’s energy to increase, increasing the immunity that helps protect you from chronic diseases.

Reduce stress

Water is very relaxing and soothing to the mind and helps calm your spirits. It stimulates the endorphins – the happy hormone that elevates your mood.

Improve general health

Low-impact exercises help improve general health. The floating force of water does not put too much pressure on the body or joints but keeps them safe. You may also feel not tired after practicing underwater. Regular swimming is very effective to reduce joint pain as well as to strengthen bones.