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The Most Commonly Used Types Of Swimming Pools Today

If you want to build a swimming pool for yourself but are still wondering if you should build, design the swimming pool. And I have not yet oriented how I have to build to suit the current fashion but still highlight the beauty of the place where I want to build a swimming pool.

Keeping up with today’s needs and tastes, the design and construction of swimming pools are classified into three main categories: family pools, business pools, and competition pools. Depending on the investor’s purpose, swimming pools are built in different styles to suit.

Pool design for the family

There are countless types of building swimming pools for family, building swimming pools for families with many different purposes such as helping family members have a relaxing space forever, bringing beauty to the house, suitable for a trendy style, practicing swimming sport for family members.

The family swimming pool can be built in many different positions on your home campus, be it on the garden grounds, the ground floor of the house, and even on the terrace. Then the construction and design become easier because today’s advanced technologies can be applied in construction.

Family swimming pool

The design of the swimming pool in a large or narrow space will bring a unique beauty to your home. And the design and construction you can refer to more to better suit your home feng shui.

Pool design for business purposes

Swimming pools built for this purpose are built by investors in resorts, hotels, commercial centers, and water parks… Architects when designing medium-sized swimming pools bringing convenience as well as exuding the modern beauty of the place.

Pool design for business purposes

Business swimming pool

The swimming pools designed here are usually built with a large area. So, customers can easily use them more conveniently. The main purpose of the construction developers here is to get profits for themselves. So, the top concern is high aesthetics, always creating customers feeling relaxed and comfortable to use.

Design swimming pool with style competition

With this type of swimming pool, it is often designed differently from the above types of swimming pools. Usually built-in sports training centers, gymnasiums with swimming pool equipment. The design of the swimming pool here often affects the athlete’s training. Therefore, it needs more attention in terms of size and space.

Architects often have to have a lot of expertise to concept and build pools that are suitable for athletes and still exude the beauty of the pool.