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The most popular water sports in the world nowadays (Part 2)

In this part, let’s continue learning about the most popular water sports in the world nowadays!


Many people ask the question of what is swimming? Swimming includes individual and team swimming. You can practice this sport in many different forms such as swimming strokes, frog swimming, butterfly swimming, free-swimming, or individual swimming.

Swimming practice is not only fun but also has many benefits for your health. This sport is almost perfect. Practicing this sport helps you lose weight effectively, improve blood circulation, and exercise the heart and lungs. Besides, swimming also helps you effectively prevent and treat joint diseases and also help you relieve stress and mental comfort.

Water polo

Water polo is not as popular and hot as king sport, but it is equally attractive. Play water sports to help train your health and increase your endurance. Water polo with simple gameplay and rules should be increasingly popular.

This sport originated in England from the end of the 19th century. This sport demonstrates the strength of swimming and it is put into the official competition in the sports Olympics. Choosing this subject for fun and physical training is extremely interesting.


This is very popular in many countries around the world. Wakeboarding is a sport where you will stand on a skateboard called Wakeboard and be towed by the yacht above the water.

This sport is extremely easy to play and does not require too much effort. With just a few simple techniques, anyone can play. Especially, this is a sport that cannot be played alone. This is an opportunity for you to gather family and friends to play underwater. That is interesting, you can be more connected with your family.

Playing water sports not only brings you interesting things but it also has many benefits. Above is a list of 5 water sports that we want to send to you for reference. These are the most popular water sports.