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The secret to the success of Michael Phelps (Part 1)

Michael Phelps is considered as one of the very successful athletes in the content of water sports! Do you know the secret of him? Let’s find out in this article!

The most athlete of all time has just added to his huge collection of the 21st gold medal at 4x200m freestyle relay. A record would probably stand firm in the historic achievement table.

Born with the most perfect physical foundation for swimming, but his success is thanks largely to other factors, how he sets long-term short-term goals and prepares for everything scenes might happen.

Here are six habits that make Phelps the greatest athlete you can learn and apply to your life and work.

1. Set clear goals

Since the age of 8, Phelps has set goals and envisioned his future at the Olympics, this is the goal-setting table that he wrote as a child.

Now, with a total of 25 medals and probably more, Phelps and his successes are the results of setting extremely detailed goals for both the short and long term. He wrote every time frame that must be achieved for each race day in each training day and check them daily.

The goals that overwhelm you, motivate you, or force you out of your comfort zone will be those goals that push your limits further each day.

2. Visualize everything

Since he was a teenager, Phelps coach Bob Bowman reminded him after every training session to go home and ‘visualize’. Imagine yourself swimming a perfect race before going to bed and right after waking up, visualizing the surrounding competitors and feeling the details like every breath or every drop of water squeezing through lips how he was, every night, and every morning so helped him achieve success.

The night before each race, Phelps would picture himself at the gym under his own eyes and under the observation of the spectators.