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7 water sports you have to try when traveling

In recent years, the tourism industry in the world is developing very strongly. Consequently, the development of services attached to the tourism industry.

Let’s take a look at the most popular water sport services available today.

1. Swimming

First of all, swimming is the most popular water sport. With advantages easy to play, simple, inexpensive investment. Moreover, swimming is now a compulsory sport for students in schools so it is easy to understand that this will be the most popular water sport in the long run.

2. Kayaking

The 2nd place is kayaking. Introduced in the 1990s and has rapidly grown throughout the country. Due to the small investment, easy to play, light and interesting. Moreover, guests can get acquainted quickly. This sport is invested by most resorts and tourism nationwide to serve tourists. Most kayaks are imported from abroad with very high quality, so visitors are assured of the experience. Service prices are relatively cheap and suitable for most travelers.

3. Jetski water motor

The third is water motorsport. An extreme sport with high-powered motor mounting devices. Very popular at resorts and tourism nationwide. Rents are relatively high compared to average income. However, it will bring a really exciting and memorable feeling to visitors.

4. Cano pull parachute

This is an adventure sport. Players are pulled to the sky with high-powered parachutes and canoes. The feeling of excitement and fear is very interesting. Service prices are quite high but a really attractive sport for summer. This will also be a very memorable experience.

5. Paddleboarding SUP

This is a brand new sport today in the world. However, with the advantages of easy to play, easy to transport and fun, this sport is becoming popular quickly. SUP is an abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle. This sport has 2 types: inflatable and composite plastic. It can be used to play in all waters from static to dynamic. Especially can practice Yoga on the plank. This is the most attractive water sport in the world today. Service prices are equivalent to kayaking.

6. Snorkelling

Players only dive at depth very small enough to see the underwater scene without too much breathing technique. This sport is quite popular in the central waters with beautiful coral reefs. The service price is quite cheap. Players need to wear life jackets if not confident about the technique. Can use fake clones to dive better and farther if the player is skilled enough to use.

7. Flyboard

This is a very new, very interesting and very difficult adventure sport. Players need to practice balancing on the board which is pushed up by water pressure from the jet ski engine. This usually takes hours. After mastering the player can fly in the air like Ironman. You can even do acrobatics and perform very interesting moves that no other water sport has.