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Practice breathing properly underwater

As for swimming, it is important to learn how to breathe underwater because it directly determines whether you can learn to swim or not. Some of you for a personal reason, such as fear of water, fear of choking water, fear of drowning, you cannot practice swimming.

Swimming is completely instinct for survival and of course, we can breathe in the water although it will be different from breathing on land many times. The following article will send to you some knowledge to practice breathing properly underwater.

1. Practice breathing on land

Breathing is an activity that proves the existence of life, so this is an activity everyone does every day. Normal daily breathing is simply breathing in through the nose and exhaling with both the nose and mouth. However, when practicing breathing techniques in swimming, it is completely opposite to normal breathing. You will have to breathe in through your mouth and exhale through your nose. You just need to open your mouth to take a breath, then exhale through your nose and then continue to open your mouth to breathe, you stand on the shore to practice many times to get used to it before you enter the water.

2. Practice breathing underwater

Once you get used to the breathing technique practiced on the ground, warm up your body and then go into the water to learn the technique of holding your breath underwater. It can be said that hold your breath for as long as possible and you will swim further away. But breathing has to be steady to swim and last long. Because there is always a difference in pressure in the water, you do not need to open your mouth very big, tight belly to breathe. Simply after each breath, you open your mouth big, the breath will be taken in itself, after taking in the water you breathe out the air with your nose, continue to rise up to the surface of the water to take the breath into your mouth. If you do so, and your breathing is steady, you will never choke and swim farther.

Breathing technique in frog and butterfly swimming

The breathing techniques of these two types of swimming are the same, both of which raise their heads for breath through their mouth, then dip into the water and exhale through their nose. However, in butterfly swimming, every two beats of foot pedal + 1 hand beat will make one breath, therefore, the amount of air being inhaled is more.

Breathing technique in stride swimming

You pay attention to take a deep breath from the first beat because the swimming stride is very effort. The technique of breathing in stray swimming differs from that of frogs and butterflies, when you take a breath in striding, you will turn your head to the side to take a breath. You will have difficulty tilting your head to the non-dominant side because it is the non-dominant side so you can easily choke water.

Breathing technique in backstroke swimming

In swimming on the back, your face is always on the water, usually every one swimming cycle, you inhale 1 time and exhale once. The breathing in and out must be regular with the movements of the arms and legs, do not be in a hurry so the breath will be more rhythmic, you will swim farther.