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How to lose weight fast by swimming sports

Swimming sports not only help us have a healthy body, firm but also help accelerate the process of weight loss, help lose weight faster and more effectively.

According to experts, swimming is the perfect weight loss exercise because most of the muscles in the body are operated flexibly, from the limbs to the abs, back and neck.

This movement requires a significant amount of calories, which can be converted from the accumulated fat in the body.  The impact of water combined with physical activity as a combination of massage and exercise, all body parts work together to help tone the muscles, circulate blood, especially excess fat.

In addition, regular swimming benefits heart health, especially for the elderly. As mentioned above, when swimming, all muscles are used so that your heart and lungs must also work hard to provide enough oxygen to make your heart stronger.

1. Swim at least 30 minutes a day

There are many people who see swimming as a relaxing and entertaining activity is the main way, so the way of swimming is very gentle, the intensity of swimming and the time for swimming is quite small. This will not help you lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, you have to treat swimming like other exercises, choose a more intense and more systematic exercise regime.

Should swim at least 30 minutes a day, you can swim in the morning and evening. Take 3 sessions/week to go swimming, in 1 month you will notice the change of body.

2. Swimming freely

Swimming is a great way to lose weight because it makes your whole body move. There are many different types of swimming you can do but in terms of calories burned, free swimming is a good way.

Compared to swimming butterfly or stride, this form can reach 350 calories within 30 minutes. But on the condition that you swim vigorously, not a relaxing swim. If you add 1 hour of exercise, the calories burned can reach 400-700 calories.

3. Should combine yoga and other exercise

Although swimming can help you lose weight quite quickly, to achieve greater efficiency and shorten the time, you should combine swimming with yoga or other forms of exercise such as walking, skipping, cycling good car.

In addition to helping increase weight loss, these exercises also help build muscle and increase metabolism, eliminate toxins from the body.